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To the Beach

vanilla is a low population, true vanilla Rust server appealing to the more mature player. We have been operational since March of 2014.

Server Wipes are on the first Thursday of every month along with a change of map voted for by the players on the forum.

We have a strict but fair rules policy which we feel works best for our server, so please take your time to read our server rules, it will prevent you getting unexpectedly muted, kicked or even banned.

The Admins help you with any problems or issues you may have in game, be it player abuse, suspected cheating or information about the Rust game. You can add either of us via Steam. Links are located at the very bottom of the page. Enjoy !

Server Rules

What may get you muted, kicked or banned

What we take action on:

-    Any form of hacking or cheating  (Instant Ban)

-    Player abuse, harassment / racist behaviour / persistent Swearing.

-    Spamming global chat or advertising of any kind.

-    Taking over another players base is strictly not allowed unless totally abandoned.

-    Players with VAC bans or GAME  bans no matter how old.

-    Although a European server we prefer all players to speak English in global chat.


-    Do not block a players base entrance preventing them access.

-    Do not add walls, doors or code locks or anything that admin will need to remove.

-    Do not add yourself to a victims Tool Cupboard or seal it in preventing access.

-    Online raid towers should only be upgraded to wood ( NOT stone )

If a player deliberately builds an outpost / base just outside your building privilege as a means to harass or camp your base, you do have the right to grief that base.

Admins / Moderators:

-    Will not teleport you out of a hole or  to a friend or anywhere on the map.

-    Will not replace lost items due to a bug or Hack ( Alpha Game remember ! )

-    Will ban you instantly if you abuse or argue with them.

Our server rules are subject to change depending on the further developments of the game.



To advetise here contact the admin

Server Map

Seed: 65941 - Size: 3.8km


Every little helps

We are now taking donations to help with the running costs and expansion of this server.

Q. Do i have to make a donation ?

A. No, donations are by no means a requirement or expected, however they

are greatly appreciated and help offset the monthly cost of operation.

If you like our server and wish to see us improve and

expand then please, consider tossing a few pennies our way.

Q. Will player rewards be given to those who have donated ?

A. We put this idea out to our players which resulted in mixed opinions.

Some were heavily in favour but others saw it as a pay to win system

After giving this considerable thought, we have decided not to reward any players that have donated. This way no player can be accused of gaining any advantage other those that did not donate.

We would like to thank all our players that have contributed and supported us since our launch in 2014.

To make a server donation just click the logo and enter your amount

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.
We thank you all for your support.

Devblog & Community update

The latest update information & community contributions

The first look at the new harbour, a step closer to the new component system, and more..

It’s a week before Halloween, but the Rust community has already started the annual celebration of violence and pumpkins.


Players experiences on the server

After playing on many different servers I found The Beach and over the last two years I wouldn’t dream of playing on another. It is not too over-populated, so new players to the game can set up, and its anti-griefing policy allows for new players to learn how to play in peace while the server offers the same heroes and villains you’d find on a 200 slot server. This is done through an amazing and always active Admin who is online every day to answer questions. Downtime on the Server is always minimal as the Admin always updates within the hour of a new update. The server is vanilla and not corrupted with hundreds of plug-ins allowing for a pure Rust experience. Life is The Beach.

Brownbread - 76561198058473669


After trying many places we finally found a fit at The Beach. The welcoming admins and friendly players are what attracted us. The admins non-judgemental, always willing to help attitudes are what kept us. (And they know how to have a laugh) Everything is kept well under control and the rules mean that all players can enjoy their time in rust and feel at ease. Even as a female player everyone is treated equally, problems are fixed and you'll still get raided just as much! This is the perfect server!

[CN] GiinaGii - 76561198062845975


I’ve been playing rust since the early days. My biggest problem with rust have always been shitty servers with abusing admins, constant wipes and servers just disappearing. After randomly joining The Beach I have never left it since, the server is reliable and the admin is active and fair. I have had few encounters with cheaters, they get removed before they do any damage. There is a steady player base with many regulars, and of course the occasional asshole we can all gang up on. 10/10 would play again.

RandomSalmon - 76561197979174679

I have been a member of The Beach community since the early legacy days and what keeps me coming back is the people and the admin. Its a well run vanilla server that gives fresh spawns a chance to get started and stands for no griefing, racism or bullying and is well monitored.The atmosphere is excellent and you always get a laugh in chat with a good mix of different players with different styles of play. I really couldn't ask for any more from a server.

Voyd - 76561197961255398

When I started playing Rust a year ago, I immediately landed on EU The Beach. I never moved to another server because EU The Beach has a cool community and I've made quite a lot of friends (even enemies became friends!). I've played 800+ hours on EU The Beach. Admin (Kian) is always there to help when there are problems. He doesn't play himself which is a very good thing (temptation to abuse admin rights is hard, even for good admins). He also checks for possible cheaters on a regular base. I would highly recommend new players to join us!

Nique - 76561198002669813


I've been playing on this server for two years. If you're looking for a server with great admin morality, this is it. With strict rules and supervision of the players and of the game development I find it extremely enjoyable being a part of this community. Kian is the Best !!

CreepyCrawler - 76561198085580125


I've been playing on 'The Beach'  for several months, I think this rust server really reflects what rust should be about, it's got enough players that you are never short on interaction and not so much that it becomes impersonal, you can make rivals and allies and it's always fun. I find that on larger servers the game is too impersonal and the admins don't really care, On this server the admin is helpful and fair and you'll never feel as if you've been treated unfairly.

Porter - 76561198074089453

I continue to play on the Beach due to its no nonsense approach to badly behaved players. I have witnessed this a few times where players think they have the right to do whatever they want or say anything they want in chat. I applaud the mighty Ban Hammer :-)

I-Human - 776561198155766686


I've been loyal to this server since its legacy days. The admin does his best to keep this server running well. I like his no nonsense approach when it comes to cheating, hacking and abusive players. I would highly recommend this server to all fans of Rust vanilla.

J.sun - 76561197961652479


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Frankie Allen


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